Why should you choose Iris Telecom?

We answer the phone when our customers call.

No, not just the ‘Sales line’. We mean even the ‘Customer Service line’.  That’s right, after you have made that important decision to put your trust in us and switch your telecommunications to us; we make sure you always have someone to speak with should you need to. No long waiting times and no teams based in overseas call centres. Just good old fashioned answering your call when you need us to.

We are just the right size to look after small to medium sized enterprises.

Why is this? Everyone knows the ‘big guys’ often can’t provide the level of support that millions of SME’s in the market require. If you are not spending tens of thousands of pounds a month, the big carriers simply cannot afford to spend the time with you. We on the other hand treasure your business. We are small enough to care about your business yet big enough to deliver a reliable service at an exceptional value-for-money price.

We offer a one-stop-shop for all of your telecoms products that allows you to save time and money.

How do we actually do this? Simple. Deal with one supplier for all your requirements and save on precious time should you ever need to speak about your various telecommunications services. Not to mention it being easier on your pocket when combining all of your telecoms expenditure together in one place.

We use some of the UK’s best networks

to ensure you never compromise on quality or reliability. Vodafone, O2, BT/Openreach to name just a few.

We provide you one simple to read invoice each month for all of your telecoms services

Need it broken down by team or site location? No problem. Or need every mobile or landline service you have to be labeled with a description next to the number; it’s all part of the service we offer.