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Iris Telecom can advise you and provide your business with the most suitable inbound numbers to help ensure incoming calls are managed as efficiently as possible. Whether you are a small business working from home or larger business with 50+ staff, Iris Telecom’s full range of sophisticated 0800, 0843, 0871, 0333 and beyond services can have a significant impact on your business’ productivity. Iris Telecom’s myinbound number management portal allows businesses to have full control over how their inbound calls are routed as well provide powerful reporting on when and where calls are coming from.


  • Full range of inbound number types available including 03xx, 0800, 0844, 0845, 0870 and 0871
  • Low monthly service rental and call charges

Can you or anyone in your business confidently answer any of the following questions easily:

  • How many calls am I receiving?
  • How many calls have I answered or missed?
  • How many enquiries does my advertising produce?
  • When are my busy hours and how can I ensure I do not miss calls during this period?

With Iris Telecom’s ‘myinbound’, the answer to these questions is always at your fingertips

Three different call management and reporting solutions to fit your specific requirements including:

    • Contact Point – Time of day/day of week/Diverts on busy or out of hours
    • Contact Path – All the functionality of Contact path with the added benefit of routing calls based on area code of caller
    • Contact Pro - All the functionality of Contact Path with the added benefits of caller announcements, call recording, call queuing and more

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  • Prices exclude VAT